Best 12 string guitar

Best 12 string guitar

The 12 string guitar is one of the most unique instruments in the guitar world. That high, shimmery tone has formed the sound on countless records by The Beatles, The Byrds and many other artists. 

However, these days finding the best 12 string guitar can be a real challenge. Although the distinctive bright sound of this instrument is undeniable, knowing and understanding what makes the best 12 string guitar can be a real challenge.

So, to help you out, in this article we’ve reviewed some of the best 12 string guitars and also provided you with many tips and hints to ensure that you master your guitar purchase.

What is a 12 string guitar?

The 12 string guitar is exactly like a standard 6 string guitar, however the main difference is that we have twice as many strings. 

These additional strings are tuned with the same pitch, however they are an octave higher than a standard six string guitar. This is what gives a 12 string its sweet chorus-esque tone that is loved by so many. 

Best Acoustic 12 String Guitar

Taylor 254ce Grand Auditorium

Taylor guitars make some of the best acoustic guitars on the planet. Established in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, Taylor is an American guitar manufacturer that produces acoustic, electric and classical guitars.


Known for their high quality manufacturing, stunning sound quality and mesmerising looks, Taylor have provided instruments for some of the world’s most famous artists. This includes Jason Mraz, Tori Kelly and Shawn Mendes.

One of their best 12 string guitars is the 254ce.

The Taylor 254CE is easily one of the best 12 string acoustic guitars under $1000. Firstly, let’s discuss the overall specifications of this fantastic acoustic guitar.


In terms of tone woods, the 254CE features a Grand Auditorium body shape with a cutaway, solid Sitka spruce top, layered rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck and a ebony fretboard and bridge.


In addition to this, the guitar has 20 frets, a faux tortoise shell pickguard, ES2 expression system with active bass controls, volume and treble controls and a Tusq nut and bridge saddle made out of nubone.


As you can tell from the specifications this is an extremely solid guitar. The overall build quality and craftsmanship set out by Taylor is fantastic and this guitar would be a fantastic companion to anyone who wants a reliable and solid 12-string guitar.


Tonally, this guitar’s tone is bright and well balanced. Naturally, the 12 strings of this guitar have an expressive and rich tone. This, combined with the 47.60mm nut, means users who are used to a standard acoustic guitar will feel comfortable with this fine instrument.


One of the main positives of this guitar is that Taylor offers an additional 12 years warranty if you register the guitar with them.


The main criticism we have of the 254CE is that some users have expressed complaints about the fit and finish and fret job. Despite this, we still believe that the 254CE is one of the best 12 string acoustic guitars on the market and is well worth checking out if you want a reliable guitar that is built to last.


  • Grand Auditorium shape offers excellent playability and the addition of a cutaway ensures that you can reach the higher frets with ease.
  • Sitka Spruce and Layered Rosewood Back & Sides allow this guitar to have a smooth tone that is perfect for bright and shimmery 12 string tones.
  • The addition of the Expression System allows the natural sound of your guitar to be captured perfectly.
  • The addition of a gig bag makes this a great companion for any performing musician.
  • Available in a left-handed version.


  • Some users have complained about the overall quality of the fit and finish.
  • At this price we’d expect solid back and sides.

Best Electric 12 String Guitar

Rickenbacker 360/12C63 FG Fireglo 12-String Electric Guitar

If you’ve ever seen footage of The Beatles, you can guarantee that you’ve seen some type of Rickenbacker guitar. Founded over 90 years ago in 1931 by Adolph Rickebacker and George Beauchamp, Rickenbacker is the first known maker of the electric guitar, a steel guitar that was produced in 1932.


Since then, their iconic 12 string guitars were used by guitarists such as George Harrison, Roger McGuinn (The Beatles), Pete Townshend (The Who) and Tom Petty.


A signature that is unforgettable, one of the best electric 12 string guitars is the Rickenbacker 360/12C63.

The Rickenbacker 360/12 is arguably one of the world’s most famous 12 string electric guitars. As famously played by George Harrison amongst others, it truly is one of the best 12 string guitars available on the market.


The 360/12C63FG is an extremely accurate replica of the original from the 60s. The guitar itself with a double bound body, trapeze tailpiece with a 6-way split saddle.


In addition to this, the guitar has 21 frets, maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, Rickebnbackers famous vintage single coil toaster top pickups and triangle pale white fret markers.


In terms of tone, this is a sound that is almost instantly recognisable. The 360/12 has been the gold standard for 12 string electrics for over 30 years and its beautiful melody driven chorus sounds are guaranteed with this model.


As well, the single coil pickups and hollow maple body produce that distinctive bright jangly tone that Rickenbackers are so famous for. The pickups are controlled by the onboard volume and tone controls, so as a user it’s possible to manipulate many tones out of this guitar.


However, we do have two criticisms about this guitar. Number one, this guitar is very expensive. Coming in at $4000, for even professional musicians this is extremely steep. As well, with a Rickenbacker you’re also limited to certain playing styles, so technically it isn’t the most versatile of instruments.


Despite this, if you want a premium guitar with its own unique sound that boasts a rich connection to one of the biggest bands of all time, you can’t go wrong with this epic instrument.


  • Iconic body shape that any vintage purist would be happy with.
  • Created to the exact specifications of the original, including the Fireglo finish.
  • Comes complete with double-bound body, trapeze tailpiece and stylish Rickenbacker 12-string headstock.
  • The semi-hollow body and rosewood fretboard allow the guitar to be extremely resonant and as a result increases the sustain of the instrument.


  • At over $3000 this is an extremely expensive guitar, although you cannot deny its influence on popular music.
  • The style of guitar isn’t for everyone.
  • To pick one up, you often have to pre-order them.

Best Electro-Acoustic 12 String Guitar

Takamine G Series GD30CE-12

Many consider Takamine the unsung hero of the acoustic guitar world. Produced in Japan, the name comes from ‘Mount Takamine’, a mountain based in Nakatsugawa, Japan.


Although Takamine started life producing copies of famous electric guitars such as Explorers and Stratocasters, they are most famous for producing excellent quality acoustic guitars at a fantastic price.


As well as this, artists such as The Eagles, Noel Gallagher and Bruce Springsteen have been known to use Takamine guitars. One of their best 12 string guitars is the G series GD30CE-12.

The Takamine GD30CE is one of the best 12 string guitars available on the market. It’s competitively priced, maintains excellent build quality and is gig-ready due to the onboard pickup system.


In terms of specification, this 12-string acoustic guitar comes with a Dreadnought body design with cutaway, solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck and a ovangkol fretboard and bridge.


In addition to this, Takamine have clearly demonstrated excellent build quality and craftsmanship by utilising Quartersawn X-bracing. This enhances the overall sound projection of the guitar and in conjunction with the dreadnought body shape allows the guitar to be loud and present.


Furthermore, the guitar’s matte finish on the neck ensures that you move around the fretboard with ease and manage any chord change imaginable.


As well, this instrument is a gig ready machine with the addition of Takamine’s TP-4TD preamp with a built in tuner. The pickup system has a three band EQ and volume controls, ensuring you are able to dial in the perfect tone and stay in tune in the process.


Our main criticism of this instrument is that the neck is very wide (49mm), so if you’re coming from an electric background you may struggle with this. As well, the gloss finish of the body can show sweat and hand marks very easily.

However, in spite of this, the GD30CE is an extremely well-built instrument and would be at home in any guitarist’s setup.


  • Available in natural or black finishes.
  • Dreadnought shape and cutaway provide the player with a warm bass end that is naturally rich.
  • Guarantee of excellent production of tone due to the Ovangkol, Solid Spruce top and Mahogany woods used.
  • Extremely well priced and excellent value for money.


  • Dreadnought shape isn’t the best for all players.

Best Hollowbody Electric 12 String Guitar

Gretsch Guitars G5422G-12 Electromatic Hollowbody

Just like Gibson and Fender, Gretsch is one of the best manufacturers of musical instruments in the USA. As a company they produce many products including electric, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, basses, drum kits and much more.

Established in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York City by Freidrich Gretsch, the company is still owned by the Gretsch family, however Fender are now responsible for marketing, production and distribution of their guitars.

Some of their most famous users include Chet Atkins, John Frusciante and PJ Harvey. One of our favourite models of theirs is the G5422G-12, a fantastic hollow body 12 string guitar.

The G5422G-12 Electromatic Hollowbody Double-Cut 12 string is one of Gretsch’s best 12 string guitars, featuring largely the same specs as it’s six string counterpart, this instrument features the following; gloss finished double cutaway hollow body, this body is constructed of 5-play maple and features a aged white body binding. The guitar body wood allows the instrument to have a bright, snappy tone that is ideal for rhythm playing and allows the clarity of the chords played to really shine through.

Continuing with the specifications of this guitar, it features a maple neck with a gloss finish, 24.72” scale length, rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets. As well, the nut is a GraphTech TUSQ XL nut, this combined with the body materials allows the guitar to have a balanced tone with excellent sound quality.

As well, the 12” radius is similar to that of a standard six string, meaning that it is extremely playable. Even the nut width is comfortable, which can be one of the drawbacks of 12 string guitars.

One of our favourite features of this guitar is that it features Black Top FilterTron pickups. These pickups provide the player with a bright clear and authentic tone that honours it’s vintage roots and compliments the chorus sound of a 12 string guitar.

In addition to this, one of the unique features of this instrument is that the volume control has been upgraded with a treble bleed mod. Essentially, what this means for guitar lovers is that when you roll back the volume control, you won’t lose the treble frequencies of the instrument, enabling you to cut through the mix at any volume.

Overall, this is just a solid instrument that plays beautifully and wouldn’t look out of place in the stage or studio.


  • The hollowbody nature of this instrument is extremely resonant, and the rosewood fretboard and maple wood allow the guitar to have a balanced sound that is bright and vibrant.
  • The classic FilterTron pickups compliment the iconic guitar sounds of this 12 string guitar.
  • The overall looks, fit and finish of this guitar are visually appealing and in addition to this, the guitar is available in a wide variety of colours.
  • The Adjusto-Matic bridge with secured rosewood base and Gretsch G-Cutout Tailpiece enhance the look and overall tuning stability of this instrument.


  • Guitars of this nature can be prone to feedback.
  • No case included.

Best Jumbo Acoustic 12 String Guitar

Guild Guitars F-2512E

Similar to Takamine, Guild is one of those companies that aren’t often mentioned when it comes to guitar manufacturers, however they are definitely with some of the best.

A USA based company founded in 1952 by guitarist and music-store owner, Alfred Dronge and former executive of Epiphone guitar company George Mann. The company has been responsible for some fantastic instruments over the years including the D-40, A-150 and D25M.

One of their best guitars in their current lineup of instruments is the F-2512E, a great 12 string at a reasonable price.

The Guild F-2512E is easily one of the best jumbo 12 string guitars available on the market. It’s competitively priced and most importantly has some excellent features that enhance the overall playability of this instrument.

Firstly, this guitar features a solid sitka spruce top, maple back and sides, arched back, pau ferro fretboard and bridge and a bone nut and saddle. These specifications alone enable the guitar to have a sweet tone that is rich and jangly. Specifically, the arched back enables the projection of the guitar to be enhanced and increases volume further.

Although this guitar doesn’t use flame maple within its tone wood, you cannot deny the overall beauty of this instrument. What enhances the aesthetics of this guitar is the tortoise shell pickguard and satin finish, these elements really make this guitar feel classy and stylish.

One unique aspect of this guitar is the built-in preamp. The Guild F-2512E uses Fishman-designed AP-1 electronics. This features a volume and tone control where you’re able to tweak the high end and output of the guitar. However, if you want to sculpt your tone further, you may have to adjust the EQ on your mixer/pedal.

In terms of playability, the satin finish and large neck feel great under the fingers, however, if you’re coming from an electric background this may take a little bit of getting used to. In addition to this, the fingerboard is flat and not too wide, meaning moving between chordal shapes can be managed easily.

As well, the overall setup out of the factory is excellent. To conclude, if you want an excellently priced 12-string guitar with that plays like a dream, give the Guild F-2512CE a chance.


  • The jumbo body shape enables the guitar to have a large sound that is warm and resonant with more bass than you can shake a stick at.
  • Solid spruce top and maple back and sides compliment each other beautifully and allow the guitar to have a well balanced sound with a positive vibrating string energy.
  • Arched back increases comfort and eases playability.
  • This 12 string guitar features Guild’s own AP-1 pickup system, meaning this can be used effectively in a recording or live performance scenario.


  • Jumbo size guitars like this aren’t suitable for all guitar players.

Best Budget 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60SCE Right Handed 12 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Fender is arguably the biggest brand of guitar maker in the world. However, although they are creating two of the most famous guitars in popular music history, the Stratocaster and Telecaster, they also produce many other instruments at a wide range of prices.

This includes acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses and even ukuleles. The guitar we’ll be focusing on today is the CD-60SCE.

When looking for the best 12 string guitars, it’s hard to ignore the Fender CD-60SCE-12. A budget friendly, no-nonsense instrument. This acoustic guitar features a solid sitka spruce top, mahogany body back, sides and neck,  gloss finish on the body and neck and a walnut fingerboard. These features almost make this guitar worth the price of admission alone.

Tonally, the featured woods provide the guitar with a robust sound that is full of sustain and warmth. One aspect that we really like about these acoustic guitars is the rolled fretboard edges. This is usually something that is common on instruments of a much higher value, however Fender have really focused on the overall playability of the guitar and made this an instrument that is accessible to any player.

In addition to this, a nice touch of Fender is the inclusion of a pickup system. This is unusual with guitars in this price range. Featuring bass, treble and volume controls, this pickup allows you to tweak from a mellow sound to something with a stronger sound.

As well, if your pickup is ever low on battery, the guitar will be sure to remind you with a LED, a handy feature to ensure you never get stuck in a recording or live performance. Despite the overall pickup system being great, some users have questioned the accuracy of the tuner. It might be worth keeping a spare tuner about it, just uncase you’re unsure of its reliability.

The nut and bridge saddle are made from plastic, however this doesn’t affect the overall resonance of the instrument. But, if this was a deal breaker for you, upgrading this part really isn’t too difficult.

Overall, if you’re looking for an absolutely no frills 12-string, the Fender CD-60SCE-12 is a great option.


  • Fantastic budget guitar that gives guitar players the option of a 12 string without too much financial outlay.
  • Features an onboard pickup system designed by Fishman. This has a built-in tuner as well as bass, volume and treble controls.
  • Extremely comfortable neck with rolled fingerboard edges.
  • The solid sitka spruce tonewoods and mahogany back and sides enable this guitar to have a warm sound that any player would be happy with.


  • Some users have complained about the overall setup of the guitar. Mainly mentioning high action and bad intonation.
  • Although it’s great that this guitar has a tuner, some users have mentioned that it can be inaccurate.

Best Budget 12 String Electric Guitar

Danelectro 12SDC 12-String Electric Guitar Black

Danelectro is a unique company who have created many types of string instruments over the years. Established in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1947, Danelectro have made 6 string electrics, baritone guitars, 12 strings and a whole host of other unique products such as effect pedals and amplifiers.

With a rich history of users such as Jimmy Page, Beck and Jimi Hendrix, it’s no wonder so many musicians consider them one of the coolest brands around.

When looking for the best 12 string guitars, it’s hard to ignore the Danelectro 12SDC (also known as the DC59). This is an excellent guitar and offers guitarists that vintage 12 string sound at a fraction of the price of something like a Rickenbacker.

The guitar body has that classic ‘59 style double-cutaway body. This features a unique design for an electric guitar, where the frame and centre block are made of poplar with the top and back made from masonite.

In addition to this we have a maple neck and pau ferro fretboard. These woods, combined with the popular body give the guitar a sound that is bright, present and forthcoming. Also, the vintage sounding lipstick single coils have a great twang to them that is representative of the era this instrument is associated with.

In terms of guitar setup, this 12 string guitar plays relatively well out of the box and stays in tune remarkably well. This is of course down to the instrument’s excellent specification. Featuring pro hardware such as die cast tuners,  a fixed bridge, individual adjustable saddles and dual truss rod design, this means you can tweak the guitar’s setup to your heart’s content.

If we were to be critical of the Danelectro 12SDC, our main issue with this great guitar is the fact you have to take the neck off to tweak the truss rod. This can be frustrating, especially if you want to make adjustments on the fly.

However, despite this, the overall design of this 12 string is excellent. So, if you’re looking for one of the best 12 string guitars under $500, you can’t go far wrong with this great instrument.


  • Stunning electric guitar with vintage class at a great price.
  • Similar scale length and setup compared to its six string sibling.
  • The electronics on this guitar are simple and easy to use, and most of all, ooze vintage tone that any purist would be happy with.
  • Fantastic build quality and craftsmanship.


  • Body shape isn’t for everyone.
  • No angled headstock, although this prevents headstock breaks it can cause strings to slip out of the nut when you play the guitar with force.

Best 12 String Under $500

Ibanez AEG 12-String

Although Ibanez is most known for its association with the metal genre, their company is much more diverse than this. Ibanez have many types of guitars available across their catalogue, this includes electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitar, 12 string guitar and many more.

As well as this, what makes Ibanez stand out from their crowd is their ability to produce these instruments at a variety of price ranges.

The Ibanez AEG 12 string acoustic guitar is one of the best 12 string guitars under $500 that we’ve come across on the market. Usually, in this price bracket, acoustic electric guitars are very rare. However, Ibanez has exceeded expectations by producing this fine instrument.

In terms of specification, this acoustic guitar’s sonic fingerprint is enhanced by the following tone woods: spruce top, sapele back and sides, Okaume neck (this is an actually a distant relative of mahogany, so you could almost consider this a mahogany neck) and a purple heart fretboard and bridge. These unique woods combined offer the guitar a tonal quality that is unique to this instrument.

Furthermore, we like that the overall body shape is much smaller than your standard dreadnought body size. This makes the instrument much more accessible to users with small hands and guitarists who don’t like the overbearing size of a larger guitar

As mentioned above, one aspect that makes this instrument stand out from its competitors is the fact it features a built in pickup. This enables guitarists with a relatively low budget gain access to an instrument that is more than ready for the rigours of live performance.

Or alternatively, you just want to add a 12 string guitar to your arsenal without spending too much, this makes the Ibanez AEG a great choice in that area too.

Furthermore, this instrument comes in either an attractive violin burst or a solid black. Both visually pleasing colours which should satisfy most players’ needs.

The chrome die-cast tuners are quality tuning machines and enable you to keep your guitars tuning relatively well. However, some users have complained about the overall setup of the guitar. Despite this, these types of issues are usually resolved with a quick setup by a professional.

Our main criticism of this instrument is that the hi-gloss finish can feel cheap, however finishes such as these do prevent a lot of bumps and scratches on the instrument. So if you’re prone to accidentally knocking your guitar or damaging it, this could be a good option for you. As well, although it would have been nice it featured solid spruce rather than a laminated wood.

Overall, the Ibanez AEG 12 string is a great value guitar for the money and should be in list of guitars to check out if you’re in the market for a 12 string.


  • 12 string acoustic guitar with a great feature set at a fantastic price.
  • The purpleheart fretboard and bridge enable the guitar to have a mid-range that is rich and bright.
  • Ibanez advantage bridge pins enable tuning stability and increase the ease of setup.
  • Featured Ibanez’s own AEQ-TTS preamp that enables you to amplify your acoustic. In addition to this, Ibanez have included an onboard tuner with an LCD display, this is incredibly useful for performing musicians.
  • Beautiful aesthetic of the acrylic rosette is featured around the guitar’s sound hole.


  • Some users have experienced some quality control issues on this instrument.
  • High gloss finishes such as this can feel a little cheap.

Buying Guide   

When it comes to buying a 12 string guitar, there are lots of similarities to a standard 6 string. Considering specifications such as body size, wood type, type of pickups etc are all perfectly normal to think about when purchasing your guitar. 

However, with a 12 string, there are certain aspects that are worth considering when purchasing this type of guitar. 

To help you out, we’ve defined what these factors are and guarantee that you’ll be able to master your purchase if you follow our tips and guidance. 

Acoustic Body Types

As far as 12 string guitars go, there are usually three main acoustic body types, these are:

  • Dreadnought.
  • Jumbo.
  • Auditorium. 


This is the most common acoustic guitar body shape. As seen on models by Martin, Taylor and Guild, this body style is known for its rich bass end and is perfect for singer-songwriters who love to strum along to their favourite songs. Famous models of this body-size include the Martin D-28 and Gibson J45. 


The Jumbo body is the largest acoustic body size. Famous models include Gibson SJ-200 and Guild F-50. They are known for producing a large sound that is great rhythm playing and big bold acoustic songs. 


This is a newer design and was made popular by the guitar company Taylor. This is a smaller bodied guitar that works well for strumming, fingerpicking and lead playing. It’s smaller size means it’s more comfortable for players with smaller hands, however these acoustic guitars don’t have as much low=end as a jumbo or dreadnought.  

Laminated Woods or Solid Woods

A laminated piece of wood is made from multiple pieces of wood. This is done by using heat, pressure and a combination of adhesives and glues to form the top. 

This is used by manufacturers to bring the cost down of the guitar, as it allows them to use extra materials to form the basis of the wood. 

Obviously, this brings down the cost of the guitar. However, unlike a solid wood, the tonal character of the wood stays the same throughout its life. 

When discussing solid woods, these are usually made from one piece of wood, rather than multiple materials. The main advantage of this is that you get purer acoustic tone, however the price can be more expensive. 

For more information about the difference between solid and laminate woods, check out this excellent article by Reverb

Neck Tension & The Truss Rod

Naturally, a 12 string guitar will have more tension on the neck as you have double the amount of pull from the guitar’s strings. For you as a buyer, it’s essential that your guitar has a truss rod as you’ll need to adjust it to set up the guitar properly. 

If your guitar comes with a dual truss rod, even better as this means you can tweak the guitar further  

Scale Length

The scale length is the distance between the bridge and nut on the guitar. Scale length affects the tension of the strings. 

A shorter scale length will allow bends and vibrato to be much easier and will make chords have less tension. 

Where as, a longer scale length can increase sustain on guitars with lower tuned strings. 

Usually, the scale length of a standard guitar sits in the region of 24” – 26”. 

Pickup Systems – Electric & Acoustic 

As a guitarist, if you want to amplify your musical instruments, your guitar will need some kind of pickup system. There are a often a wide variety of options available and each pickup type will produce a different sound. Let’s look at the most common electric and acoustic pickups:

  • Electric guitar pickups – Humbuckers and single coils. Humbuckers provide a thick sound quality that works fantastically for rock and blues music. Where as single coils offer the user a spankier tone. 
  • Piezo guitar pickups – A piezo pickup usually sits underneath the acoustic guitar bridge saddle that pickups up the vibration of the strings. The sound of the pickup is manipulated by the pickup’s built in preamp system. This have a three band eq consisting of bass, treble, midrange gain control and a frequency range switch. On some systems, you even get the luxury of a built-in tuner. 

What About Electric 12 String Guitars?

There are many great electric 12 string makers, these include:

  • Danelectro.
  • Rickenbacker.
  • Ibanez.
  • Fender.
  • Gretsch. 

All of these make great 12 string instruments with the benefit of being able to play them into an amp.

The Pros of 12 String Guitars

When buying a 12 string guitar, there are many positives, here are a few that are worth mentioning:

  • The 12 string guitar has a beautiful resonant sound. 
  • The extra strings tuned up an octave sound like two guitars playing at the same time. 
  • Can be used for many different genres. 
  • It’s easy to learn if you can already play six string guitar 
  • Works as a great accompaniment if you’re a solo singer. 
  • If you want to expand your sound, using this type of guitar is a great way of doing it. 

The Cons of 12 String Guitars 

However, although using a 12 string guitar is a beautiful thing, there are some negatives. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Replacing the strings can be time consuming. 
  • The tuning and intonation needs to be precisely set up for it to sound good. 
  • The wider neck of a 12 string is not suitable for players with small hands. 
  • There’s much more tension on the neck due to the extra strings. 
  • Not suitable for beginners. 
  • Only certain techniques can be played using a 12 string. Techniques such as bending are much harder on a 12 string. 

Are 12 String Guitars Harder To Play?

As you have to fret two strings instead of one when playing a 12 string, they can be harder to play. It’s certainly not a guitar that would be suitable for a beginner guitarist. 

However, with perseverance and practice, it’s not too difficult to get used to the overall feel of a 12 string guitar. And once you do, the rewards are magnificent. 


Are 12-string guitars worth it?

It totally depends on your needs as a guitarist. A 12 string guitar can add a unique sound to your playing and transform a song. However, they can take a bit of getting used to at first. 

If you want bright, shimmery tones that add an extra dimension to your sound, we’d recommend that you go for it! 

Did Jimi Hendrix play a 12-string guitar?

Yes he did. Although Hendrix was most famous for using his upside-down Fender Stratocaster, Hendrix also picked up a 12 string from time to time. 

His most famous performance with a 12 string is this video:

Jimi Hendrix 12 String Blues

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