Best acoustic guitar brands

acoustic guitar

When you first start to look into the best acoustic guitar brands, it can often be overwhelming. There are hundreds and hundreds of brands out there and as a consumer, it’s hard to know which ones are best.However, fear not, we’ve done our research and found out what the top 9 best acoustic guitar brands […]

Best jazz guitar

jazz guitar

Over the past decade, jazz has become extremely popular. Whether it’s traditional swing, bossa nova or modern fusion, it’s a genre of music that is well worth checking out if you want to improve your playing. However, when you first get into jazz, it can often be disheartening that your current guitar won’t give you […]

Best Guitar Cables

guitar cable

Even though buying a guitar lead isn’t the most exciting purchase you can make, it is definitely one of the most important things that you’ll buy. A guitar cable makes you louder. If this is an electric guitar, you’ll plug this into an amp. If you use an acoustic, you’ll plug this into a mixing […]

Best bass guitar

playing bass guitar

Finding the best bass guitar for you is often challenging for many bassists. There are hundreds if not thousands of bass guitars available online, they come in a range of shapes, sizes and also have varying amounts of strings. For new bassists, this is extremely overwhelming and it can often be hard to know what […]

Best guitar slide

guitar slide

A guitar slide is a cylinder object, usually made out of glass, metal or ceramic. Guitarists use these accessories to move up and down the guitar’s fretboard to create a bluesy sound that is vocal-like. To hear a guitar slide in action, check out this video of Derek Trucks.  Guitar slides are predominantly used in […]

Best reverb pedals

reverb pedals

A reverb effect is the sound of ‘space’, although this might sound a little ambiguous, a true ‘analog reverb’ occurs through sound reflecting off of different objects. For example, if you’ve ever shouted down a canyon and heard your voice echo back at you, that is essentially what the effect of reverb is. Over the […]

Guitar string names -What are the names of the guitar strings?


New to guitar and wondering what the guitar string names are? Then you’re in the right place. In this article you will learn: The #1 secret that will help you remember the guitar string names quickly and easily.  The main names of each guitar string.  2 epic songs that will allow you to master the […]